Dryer Vent Services

Dryer Vent Services

Important Reasons To Clean Your Dryer Vents

  • Does your dryer take longer than 35 minutes to dry a load of clothes?
  • Does your dryer get very warm or hot to the touch during a drying cycle?
  • Do you have lint build-up on your dryer door?
  • Is there no visible lint on the lint screen after a drying cycle?
  • Do clothes have a musty smell after a drying cycle?
  • Is there excess lint left on your clothes?
  • Does your dryer repeatedly stop during a cycle?
  • Has it been over a year since your last dryer vent cleaning?

If you answered YES to any
of these questions give us a call!

​Other important reasons to clean your dryer vents:

Asthma            Efficiency
Allergies           Fire
Mold                 Flood
Pets                   Remodel/Restoration
Dust                  Fresh Air

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!


What You Don't See Can Kill You!

What You Don't See Can Kill You!

Lint and debris can build up in your dryer vent duct and dryer hose. This reduces the air flow and causes a backup of lint, which is highly flammable. Eventually, this will create a fire. You can avoid these hazards by having your dryer and its ventilation system professionally inspected and cleaned every year.

When you chose AFFORDABLE Dryer Vent & Gutter Cleaning, Trust that your safety is our #1 Priority.

As the weather starts to turn colder we are forced to pack away the bathing suites and turn up the heat. That will certainly keep you toasty and warm, but all that DRY heat and static electricity fills your home with unseen dangers. That minor nuisance that makes your hair stand up on end and surprisingly shocks you when you give your loved one a smooch can ignite lint that has built up in your dryer vent and surrounding areas.

Dryer maintenance requires more than just clearing out the lint screen. A clogged dryer vent can not only cost you a significant amount of money and efficiency of your dryer, but it could possibly cost you your home or worse yet, your life due to a fire.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, failure to clean the dryer vent is the leading cause of dryer fires. It destroys thousands of homes each year, claiming millions in property loss.

Lint is The Most Dangerous and Flammable Item in Your Home

Lint is The Most Dangerous and Flammable Item in Your Home

Dryer fires are generally caused by dryer vents not being cleaned on a regular basis.

It causes:

  • Over 16,000 home fires a year
  • 51 deaths and 380 injuries a year
  • $236 million in damages a year

It reduces energy efficiency:

  • Dryer works harder and longer to dry clothes
  • Clogged vents cause dryers to run 89% hotter

Gutters & Gutter Services​​

Gutters & Gutter Services​​

Why Do We Need Gutters

Rain is a natural element that can wreak havoc on a house if it's not controlled by properly installed and maintained gutters.

The basic function of a gutter is to provide a channel for redirecting water. They are designed specifically to reduce erosion by guiding water to a drain or safe area. Properly installed and maintained gutters effectively move a large volume of water.

By redirecting rainwater, the gutter reduces erosion of the ground against your home and may greatly decrease the risk of basement flooding and foundation damage.

You never really think about your gutters unless there's a problem. But there is one thing you should always remember...water can ruin virtually everything!

Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter Cleaning Services

Before you climb up on that wobbly ladder to clean out those pesky gutters by yourself, ask AFFORDABLE Dryer Vent & Gutter Cleaning first about our conveniently low-priced gutter cleaning service. We Guarantee you will be Thrilled you did. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, falls from ladders send, on average, 240,000 Americans to the hospital emergency room each year.

Experts say that an unkept gutter clogged with leaves and debris can cause leaks in your roof or damage to the interior and exterior of your home due to water buildup. Gunked up gutters serve as homes for rodents and other small animals and creatures that can burrow their way into your home and attic, leading to infestations and more $$$ lost.

Extra moisture and water can also be the source of mold which can spread throughout your homes walls putting your family at risk for health-related problems. Disregarding your gutter can cost you hundreds even thousands of dollars and several other headaches. This is certainly a Service that you can't AFFORD to leave to chance....

Cleaning out gutters in the spring and fall might seem like a menial task, but failure to do so can cause major problems for a home. From foundation damage to roof leaks, clogged gutters can lead to expensive repairs when left untreated.

K Style Gutters

K Style Gutters

We can install and clean any style gutter, any material, any color

Don't Forget To  Ask About Our

Don't Forget To Ask About Our "DUAL SERVICES" DISCOUNT


New, state-of-the art, KWM Iron Man Seamless 5" & 6" Gutters. Seemless gutters offer many advantages:

  • a perfect fit... every time.
  • require little maintenance.
  • experience fewer clogs & backups.
  • are less likely to leak.
  • offer lasting appeal & beauty